3 things to check for on your Lightning upgrade apart from Salesforce Readiness Check

If you are in the beginning of doing a lightning impact assessment for your salesforce org, one of the standard things to do is to run the salesforce readiness check. After running your Salesforce readiness check, the question is what should else should we be checking before turning on lightning for users? Here is the list of 3 things which you should do once you finish the lightning readiness check.

  1. Looking at picklist values
  2. Home page customization
  3. Business process optimization.

Evaluate picklist values on lead status and Opportunity stage

One of the most compelling features in Lightning Is the Path component and ability to show Kanban view on list views which makes sales teams productive. In order to leverage this component, you need to ensure that lead source values and opportunity stages which are picklists do not exceed more than 7 values. If it is greater than 7 values, it will make the path component clumsy and overcrowded making it hard for the users to make decision. So as part of the lightning upgrade, you would need to reevaluate the picklist values and see if you can reduce them to a maximum of 7 values. In cases of picklist values exceeding 7, think about adding another picklist for categorizing the picklist values.

Separate Home pages for logged in User

Another cool feature in lightning Is the ability to have separate home pages for each type of user who logs in. For e.g. , sales reps can have a home page which would list todays tasks, events, dashboard of opportunity pipeline. Sales managers can have a separate home page where they can look at opportunity pipeline dashboard, account performance and high level view of tasks and activities. So as part of the lightning migration, you need to plan to do a quick poc and get a buy in on home pages for users based on the preference.

Plan for Business process optimization

Every lightning upgrade is a new implementation of your Salesforce instance where you need to retrain your users in the new interface, do a data quality check on your fields and remove unwanted fields to reduce clutter. As part of these activities, it is important to do a business process review on leads, accounts and opportunities and create a current and future state process with your users. By doing a business process review and reconfirming with your users, It becomes easy to improve adoption and productivity and helps to maximize your Salesforce investment.

Eigen X has done several lightning upgrades with Orgs which has complex customizations and involve more than 1000 users. We would be happy to provide you a checklist which would help your Salesforce team to implement lighting quickly and avoid major issues. Please feel free to email Contact Us with your Name and email address and we would be happy to provide you a checklist and a free consultation to answer questions.