Higher education institutions are continually challenged to provide top quality educational services, while sustaining affordability and ensuring equity in the delivery of services. To meet these challenges, administrators and trustees are increasingly reliant on timely and accurate institutional information, which is paramount to both strategic decision making and effective marketing expenditures. Many universities and colleges implemented technology systems (Student Information, Financial, Housing, ERP) in support of individual departmental needs. The result of these isolated efforts, is a fragmented view of student data and student relationships.

The Eigen X team members have been deploying technology for colleges and universities for over 20 years and understand the unique challenges of the industry. We are focused on creating seamless technology solutions for both the student or prospect and the administrator. Our integrated solutions create a foundation for institutions that is both scalable and connected. We understand that success means delivering an unparalleled constituent engagement experience from prospect to student to alumnus, using technology as a tool to enhance the unique value offered by an institution. We offer a complete range of professional services to help meet the evolving technology and administrative needs of academia.

How Eigen X makes a difference in Higher Ed

Relationships are the new definition of success in higher education. Deeper relationships with prospects lead to increased applications, closer relationships with students lead to higher graduation rates, and comprehensive relationships with alumni lead to greater success in fundraising. Salesforce is enabling colleges and universities to redefine the way relationships are managed throughout the student lifecycle.

Eigen X is an IMPACT Level partner of Salesforce. This distinction is earned from Salesforce for outstanding client service, direct client references and domain knowledge in the Higher Education space over more than five years. Eigen X deploys Salesforce.com to help college and university professionals engage with prospects, students and alumni "where they are" – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as over SMS and email – all while maintaining a unified view of the individual via integration with other campus technologies.

Closely track Return on Investment: Tracking and understanding the touch points (submitting an inquiry or application, attending an open house, stopping by a booth at a college fair) in a student's journey from their time as a prospect to enrollment is key driver for recruitment. We work with colleges and universities to craft data driven marketing strategies based on these insights and deploy technologies (Pardot, Marketing Cloud, etc.) to make the most of every marketing dollar. Our goal is to make decisions data-driven.

End reliance on spreadsheets: Many schools lack a complete view of their admissions pipeline because their existing SIS or CRM solution cannot access the significant amount of institutional data living in spreadsheets. As data continues to collect in spreadsheets, errors proliferate, edits are untraceable, and value is lost. We have a proven approach to rid universities of spreadsheets and migrate them to the Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture with minimal investment. Once empowered with a full complement of institutional data and best in class analytics, recruiting teams can easily reach out to the right prospects at the right moment.

Maximize the value of external Application Portal: Revamping outdated online applications, streamlining application review processes, simplifying communications with applicants, and better tying prospects to enrollments are all ongoing challenges for institutions. Whether it is integrating with centralized application services (i.e., Common Application, LiasonEDU), designing a better application experience or simply creating a better internal experience for reviewers, our team has the expertise to build custom portals or help select an external vendor to do so.

Identify early indicators for student success through a unified view Meeting with the financial aid office, signing up for housing, sitting down with advisors, participating in a club, or canceling a meal plan are all critical activities in a student’s journey. We work with universities to migrate or integrate critical student touchpoints into a single student view within Salesforce. By pairing this approach with predictive analytics, we can help highlight "at risk" students in advance and keep them on a path to success.

Turning student success into alumni success The transition from student to working adult is filled with challenges, perhaps none greater than finding the right job. Eigen X can transform an institution’s job placement data (career fairs, alumni networks, coops/internship programs etc.) into interconnected relationships and provide tools that connect soon to be graduates with right opportunities.

Track alumni participation in events or mentorship: A school’s relationship with its students doesn’t stop at graduation and neither should its data. We work with alumni affairs teams to ensure their understanding of every student’s journey continues seamlessly after graduation by creating data driven marketing strategies that keep alumni engaged. This continued engagement helps provide an up-to-date picture of their contact information, time, resources, employer and job opportunities.

Connect alumni with each other over shared interests: Fostering continued relationships beyond graduation means delivering more value to alumni than ever before. Launching a platform with Salesforce communities will enable institutions to easily market events to alumni, share cultivated content with alumni aligned with their interests, and maintain an accurate alumni profile. The community also becomes a platform for the alumni to connect with each other and current students to share ideas, job opportunities, and mentorship.

Target your marketing spends and improve enrollment percentages: We work with a number of continuing and professional education departments to improve their use of data driven marketing strategies and deploy automated marketing technologies (Pardot, Marketing Cloud, etc.) to make the best use of every marketing dollar. When armed with our best in class analytics, recruiting teams can easily identify prospects with the right fit at the right time.

To HEDA or Not to HEDA: Many educational institutions face challenges when mapping existing core data to common relationships within the student lifecycle. Salesforce is not one-size-fits-all and almost never meets every need right out of the box. Understanding both the history and future roadmap of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, the Higher Education Data Architecture, the Non-Profit Success Pack, and the many other products in the Salesforce ecosystem, is critical to defining the best solution for the unique challenges of Continuing Education. Working with our team can ensure that Salesforce is tailored to address those unique challenges and requirements, while maintaining the ability to scale and grow as the platform evolves.