Today, the consumer and industrial products industries are under intense pressure to reduce costs, retain existing customers and reach new ones in an increasingly dynamic global market. As companies to turn to technology to gain a competitive edge, making smart IT choices has never been more critical. On the production side, innovations like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are leading to a smaller, more technical workforces that put a premium on robust and flexible technology infrastructure to keep lines running. In Sales, rapidly shifting market conditions demand data driven, B2B and B2C go-to-market (GTM) strategies capable of identifying the right prospect for the moment and then telling them a unique story at every point in their customer journey.   

Eigen X has built a reputation serving companies across all segments of the consumer and industrial products sector, from chemicals to construction materials and textile fabrics to consumer goods.  We help IT teams modernize and respond to the shifting demands faced within these industries by deploying tailored CRM, Analytics and custom technology solutions. 

How Eigen X makes a difference in Consumer & Industrial Products

Agile Delivery:  While solutions can be purchased and sold, success or failure comes down to delivery. For our most dynamic clients, moving supply and demand targets change objectives quickly while regulatory and logistics challenges put a premium on adaptability. For these reasons and more, we take an iterative, Agile approach to delivery that allows our clients to give continuous, up to the moment feedback on development without compromising long term project quality.  

Business Intelligence & Analytics: In an industry where expenses fill warehouses with materials and delivery means products shipping around the world, knowing your numbers isn’t just important, it’s essential. Our experience and partnerships with industry-leading software providers like Tableau, Microsoft, and Birst allow us to create dynamic reports and dashboards that integrate data from every point in the supply chain, from Production Capacity Utilization dashboards that maximize output, to Point-of-Sale Heatmaps that keep a pulse on demand and minimize Inventory Days of Supply.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): In industries focused on production, a CRM done wrong has ripple effects across the entire pipeline, from the underwhelming adoption of a clunky UI leading to inconsistent forecasts, to haphazard integrations delivering inaccurate quotes on pricing and delivery times. Whether it’s implementing a fresh solution or salvaging an underperforming implementation, Eigen X has the relationships with industry leaders like Salesforce and the award-winning CRM team to help you side step the pitfalls and harness the potential of your sales team.   

Application Services: Whether it’s developing custom applications that interface with legacy control systems to better track Non-Conformance or building a custom portal to improve customer relations with small to medium sized clients, specialized businesses have specialized needs. For many clients, understanding whats’s required can be the biggest challenge of all. “Is there a boutique solution out there that can really work, or is custom development the only way forward?” Eigen X’s application services team is ready to partner with clients to understand the problems they face with existing systems and provide the best advice and assistance to remedy them.