Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, PA, Eigen X is a data and technology-focused professional services firm. Our team represents the best talent in Data Architecture, Analytics, Master Data Management, CRM, Agile Lifecycle Management Tools, Collaboration, Social Media and related technologies.

We work closely with business and technology executives to maximize the value of their existing data investment and to leverage the newest technology solutions. We bring highly qualified and agile delivery teams to each project and work closely with our client’s professionals to ensure rapid deployment of each solution.

In order to ensure continued data agility, we work with clients to design the business processes that generate and update data, optimize the systems that store data, and enhancing the way data is distributed. The key to lasting improvement is that we also help clients build the organizational capabilities to manage data quality effectively.

What’s an Eigen (ahy-guhn) ? – In solving complex systems of equations in calculus, the solution to a matrix is defined by it’s eigen vector. The eigen value X provides the scalable solution to these complex systems of equations.