Eigen X is a technology services company focused on delivering scalable solutions and achieving business outcomes, whether they are for established Fortune 1000 or emerging companies, non-profit or educational institutions. We work closely with business and technology executives to maximize the value of their existing investments and leverage the newest technology solutions. We help set strategy, select solutions, develop enterprise architecture, manage enterprise data, establish portfolio and program management capabilities.

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, PA, our organization is comprised of seasoned professionals with deep consulting experience and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to challenges in enterprise systems, data management, emerging technologies. While initially focused on the mid-Atlantic region, our expertise in cloud-based and repeatable solutions has allowed us to service customers across the US and around the world.

What’s an Eigen (ahy-guhn)?

In founding Eigen X, we wanted to choose a name that reinforced our ability to deliver scalable solutions to complex business and technology challenges. In solving complex systems of equations in linear algebra, the solution to a matrix is defined by its eigenvector. The eigenvalue X provides the scalable solution to these complex systems of equations.

Moreover, eigenvectors and eigenvalues are foundational components of many emerging digital technologies. In Data Science, eigenvectors and eigenvalues are employed to detect hidden correlations between data points, calculate centrality in social networks and perform critical component analysis for facial recognition. Additionally, they are critical tools for solving optimization problems, such as data storage and processing, voice recognition, machine learning and Google’s famous PageRank Algorithm.

Our Delivery Models

Eigen X offers various flexible and responsive delivery models, focused on providing results and addressing specific needs. Our team members have an average of over 10 years of consulting and/or industry experience. We can adapt quickly to changing business priorities or resource requirements, while managing the resulting impact on project scope and budget. Our teams can be deployed in the following models:

  • Project-based Consulting: Eigen X provides complete project teams with the necessary expertise to deliver successful project results, on time and within budget constraints.

  • Interim/Supplemental Consulting Services: Eigen X can provide supplemental bandwidth or expertise to reinforce existing project teams. Our consultants integrate quickly with your team and support the achievement of project deliverables, milestones, and objectives. They also provide access to the Eigen X delivery team for more complex problem-solving advice and support.

  • Enterprise Support Services: For organizations who require ongoing support for their systems, Eigen X offers on-site or off-site solutions for data management, systems management, and end-user support.