Portal Development

More and more companies are finding out that collaboration is essential to business success. We specialize in providing custom solutions to higher education institutions who need to upgrade their internal communication approach to achieve greater efficiency. Our implementations are meant to bring silos down and to share knowledge, experience, and opportunities across all areas of the institution.

Listed below are some examples of our work.

The Student/Faculty/Alumni Community portal home page includes a live activity feed for portal members. Based on the user profile, different actions are available. The portal is meant to be a collaboration place for anyone who has an educational affiliation with the institution.

Faculty – Portal

  • Track your class schedules
  • Track your student’s class schedules and progress
  • Leverage B2B relationships for jobs and internships
  • Collaborate real-time with Students on issues regarding their success.
  • Keep in touch with Alumni
  • Upload and share knowledge (Whitepapers, Research papers, etc).

Alumni – Portal

  • Charitable Donations
  • Track events
  • Post job and internship opportunities
  • Network with your Alma mater’s current and past students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Access your transcripts
  • Increase your CEUs by attending new courses.

The Jobs & Internships page allows users to search, list, and apply for jobs and internships. There is an application tracker that shows the applicant metrics like: Number of Clicks, Number of Applications, and Number of Qualified Applicants.

The goal for this option is to allow graduates to engage with students and faculty from their Alma mater. It allows faculty to keep in touch with their past students, which only enriches course content. Students get the added benefit of engaging with graduates from their program and essential connections can be made well before graduation day.

The My Programs page is a solution for Students. The student is able to quickly view their progress towards majors and minors for their program. This solution also offers Academic Adviser information so the student has a direct line to get questions answered. Finally, the student is able to view the courses they have completed and those courses which they have not completed. The focus for this page is to give the student a simple way to access information quickly.