Today, organizations are faced with a daunting challenge of finding the right balance of technology solutions to support their operations and strategic objectives. Despite some commonalities, each organization has a unique set of circumstances and culture. While standard enterprise solutions can handle operational aspects well across accounting, sales, and other back office systems, there's always a need for tailored solutions that bridge the gaps.

Regardless of the specific industry, building software or solutions is a discipline that takes coordination and communication between all stakeholders, knowledge of the long-term strategy, a keen understanding of the immediate goals, and a strong grasp of how to use technology tools to achieve a successful project. Our solutions help clients find the right balance between out-of-the-box and custom software implementations. Whether it’s customizations of existing software (Planisware, Tableau, Salesforce etc.), new solutions integrating third party toolkits, building implementation solutions on cloud architecture, or custom software development, the Eigen X team has decades of experience understanding organization's challenges and building technical solutions to overcome them.

What we do better

  • Data Migration/ETL - Most enterprise solutions involve combining large amounts of data from various sources. Preparing for a business intelligence solution, or just keeping up with daily operations, can overextend your current resources. Our team of data professionals can help assess existing setup and put new business and technical processes in place to transform and deliver data, or help build out data marts or data warehouses by leveraging tools such as Microsoft SSIS, Jitterbit, or Talend.

  • Cloud Implementation - As back office solutions continue to mature in the cloud, there are more opportunities to break monolithic enterprise systems into smaller component-based cloud-hosted systems that work together. Instead of rebuilding everything, organizations today can gain efficiencies and control costs by leveraging solutions that combine multiple systems and introduce small amounts of custom functionality to fit their business processes using AWS or Azure to bind things together. We help our customers better understand the opportunities to efficiently move parts of their processes to the cloud.

  • Custom Software Development - Custom code can provide a competitive advantage or meet unique requirements that can’t be achieved with off-the-shelf plug-ins for existing applications. Eigen X can provide a team of software professionals with deep experience with a variety of tools including C#, Java, JavaScript, Salesforce (, Lightning) or partner onsite with your team to build solutions. Our resources can fill multiple roles for project manager, scrum master, developer, software architect, ETL programmer, business analyst, QA analyst, and QA automation specialist. Leveraging the Agile/Scrum approach allows us to work closely with your organization and deliver value quickly.

  • Code Review - The intellectual property of source code constitutes a major investment of technology oriented organizations. When facing growth or other major strategic decisions, Eigen X can assist organizations by quickly and accurately assessing the value and technical debt associated with large code bases. Business decisions often can't wait for several months of review and assessment, and sometimes potential opportunities can't afford the labor cost associated with a full review. Our team of experienced software architects and developers can provide a high-level report card of key areas by combining visual inspection, deep review of core functional areas, and automated code review tools, often in a two-week timeframe.

  • Coach/Teach/Lead - People are often the largest investment made by technology organizations. Eigen X can provide coaching, training, technical leadership, or technology management onsite to work directly with your team to meet specific goals and grow your employee’s experience and skillsets.