Salesforce Fatigue

In the Javascript developer community there is a concept of Javascript Fatigue. Continuously having to learn and spend hours to set up projects becomes exhausting and overwhelming.

As someone who has been developing on the Salesforce Platform for two years, I’d be lying if I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it all sometimes. Trailhead is doing a great job of releasing a ton of great content. But sometimes I just think to myself “When will I have time to do all of the new trailheads?!” I bookmark them and by the time I get back there’s been two more released on the same topic. (Serious props to the Trailhead team for being able to create so much great content.)

In addition to the amount of learning content, there’s continuously new products being released. Salesforce has grown way beyond CRM.

How to avoid it?

Don’t try to learn everything.

Seriously. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things there are to learn, that’s a good sign. In fact it’s a sign that You’re Smarter than You Realize. Pick a specific thing. I recently saw SteveMo present at the Philadelphia Salesforce User Group. He is a wizard at formula fields. Pick something you like within the ecosystem and get really good at it.

Go To Meetups

If you have one in your area, go to it. Salesforce Meetups are great for learning. The best part is you can learn without staring at a screen. It is a refreshing break from reading. Talk to other people and discuss problems or roadblocks you are having. Chances are, other people there will have encountered them or at least know someone who have.

Check in 3 Times a Year

Salesforce has three major updates each year, get in the habit of checking around February, June, and October. Many times meetup groups will have discussions and highlights around new releases, they are great to get an overview. Then you can head back to the release notes to check in what’s most interesting to you.