Connected Campaigns: A Unique Case

Connected Campaigns, a useful Pardot feature officially released in Summer 2018, gives marketers the ability to connect the once separate Pardot campaigns and Salesforce campaigns. This not only allows marketing to match up existing campaigns, but it joins the engagement data of prospects with existing Salesforce leads or contacts so that users have a more complete picture of a persons engagement on an individual or campaign level. This provides a more wholistic approach of measuring true campaign success.


Configuring Connected Campaigns does not require a lot of setup, but your current Salesforce org must meet the requirements of the feature, including a verified Salesforce connector and the correct provisioning of campaign alignment and engagement history. Since Analytics Studio is a key component to the activation of Connected Campaigns, the B2BMA setup guide provides the framework for what must be set up prior to activating Connected Campaigns.


But, what if the appropriate permission sets are not available to create when enabling the feature? What if Pardot still shows you this message:

Campaign Alignment and Engagement History were not correctly provisioned for your org. Please contact Salesforce Support.

Initial troubleshooting by carefully following the steps provided in the setup guides of B2BMA and Connected Campaigns may help to resolve the majority of the issues, but what if it is still not working?


The Solution:

Yes, reaching out to Salesforce Support and creating a ticket should always be your first choice, but there is another place you should also check to resolve the problem—your current Salesforce contract. If actual setup configuration is not the issue, there is a chance your org falls into the realm of customers who need the "Pardot - Sales Cloud Features - Plus" item added on to your Salesforce contract by your account rep.

For new Pardot customers starting in 2019 Salesforce has corrected the issue as the additional line item is no longer needed, but those who purchased Pardot prior to 2019 may require it.

The “Pardot Sales Cloud Features – Plus” adds the Analytics View Only User permission set to your Salesforce org—solving the issue. Using the Analytics View Only Embedded App license, this permission set provides system access to view-only licensed templates and apps with specific field-level read and/or edit access to the Scorecard Associations object.

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About Lori:

Lori Trzcinski is an experienced marketing automation and CRM implementation manager for Eigen X currently serving clients in the Higher Education, IOT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Law, and Non-Profit space. She is a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant and Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.


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