At Eigen X, we pride ourselves on obtaining and retaining top industry talent. Eigen X offers a very competitive total compensation plan for our employees, including at, or above, market base salary, eligibility for an annual performance bonus, and sales commission incentives. We firmly believe in offering a Compensation Plan that rewards strong individual performance and successful contribution to corporate development. Additionally, our plan provides our employees the incentive to seek opportunities in order to promote personal performance and professional growth.


  • Base Salary– Salary for each employee will be based on the individual’s experience level and market research.
  • Annual Performance Bonus– Each employee will be eligible to receive an annual performance bonus based on individual accomplishments and corporate performance.
  • Sales Commission/Incentive Pool – Every employee that supports a successful sales effort will be eligible to participate in the Sales Commission and/or the Sales Incentive Pool.
  • Other– The Management Team always retains the right to give spot bonuses and other monetary/valuable incentives as earned to reward our top performing employees.

The goal of the Compensation Plan is to offer a reward structure for employees who actively contribute to our success.