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Monochrome Pizzas

French creative studio Black Pizza commissioned the photographer Erwan Fichou and the bio independant chef Julie Basset to make the series “Pizza is the New Black” : a collection of monochrome pizzas, cooked with insolite objets and perfumes such as crab, lichee, candies, lipsticks, green peas and green plants.

Electric Smartscooter

Gogoro Smartscooter is world’s first connected two-wheeled electric vehicle. The Smartscooter uses the precision, processes and materials utilizes for supercars to offer top performance, physically and technically sublime.

Fox Village in Japan

Located in the prefecture of Miyagi, Japan, Zao Fox Village is a parc inhabited by six species of wild foxes that it’s possible to photograph and feed with food provided by the park. Some visitors have captured unique instants of this amazing experience and disclose us touching images.

Red Bull RB11 Formula 1 Car

The Red Bull RB11 is a Formula 1 racing car being designed by Adrian Newey for Infiniti Red Bull Racing to compete in the 2015 Formula 1 season.

Portraits of African Female Warriors

The French street artist YZ tribute to African women warriors in her series entitled “Amazon”. These portraits refer to female soldiers of the First Franco-Dahomean War who actively fought face to the French army. Amazon is an ongoing project for which YZ still conducts researches in Senegal.

Kwabs – Perfect Ruin

Singer and songwriter based in London, Kwabs reveals the visual of his song “Perfect Ruin”. Directed by George Bellfield, the video follows the artist wandering with chills through a winter landscape. His Love + War album will be available on May 18th via Atlantic Records.

Vegetables Paper Art

For the opening of a blog named “Veg of the Day”, illustrator and designer Polly Lindsay has already started to cook a first batch of paper vegetables : an avocado, a red onion and a red pepper. She gives a precise work where we can easily admire the different reliefs and layers of her artworks.

Smallest Quadricopter

The Dutch gadget-manufacturer TRNDlabs reveals the smallest quadricopter of the world, the Nano Skeye Drone. The high thrust and low weight of the object allows users to quickly perform amazing maneuvers with a simple touch of joysticks. Bright LEDs have also been incorporated into the Drone in order to drive in low-light conditions.

The Urban Yoga

Artist, architect, dancer and yoga teacher, Anja Humljan thought the Urban Yoga project from an ambition : inviting people to experiment with their bodies what they feel, touch, smell, hear and taste in the city. She started series of photos in Paris, Madrid, New York and Ljubljana to change the way she feels and moves in the city. According to her, the city must not be felt as a disturbing space but more like a vital source of energy.

Wooden Skateboard

The two designers of the studio Sven Gabriel had the idea to create a skateboard made with a simple piece of wood, by adding the wheels and screws. The “Förster Skateboard” is thiner and more sharp than a traditional board. The outlines are made of tree’s bark. This beautiful board is to discover in images plus a video in the gallery.

People in The Alps Photography

Jakub Polomski is a Polish photographer specialized in travel photography. With its “Scale of Nature” series, the artist pays homage to mother nature. Pictures taken in the French & Swiss Alps are breathtaking and reminds us how the human being is very small and meaningless compared to nature.

Batman Evolution

The Piano Guys is a group of four American artists living in Utah, which became known on YouTube with covers of famous song. Here is a tribute to the soundtracks of the films Batman with the video “Batman Evolution” and all the different cars of the dark knight.