Evolve IP

The Eigen X team was engaged by Evolve IP (www.evolveip.com)  to create an advanced call center analytics and reporting solution (Evolve IP Analyst) . The cloud-based reporting and data modeling solution is powered by Birst (www.birst.com). This solution allows call center operators to have visibility into the center’s key performance indicators as well as customized reporting for their organizational needs.  Many of these call center customers also require consolidation of call center data, CRM data, and financial data – the Evolve IP Analyst allows for a single data warehouse for all of these sources.

Fortune 100 Media / Telecom Company

Eigen X provides Program Management  expertise for clients Billing System Migration.  Eigen X also performs Project Management and Requirements Gathering for the creation of a production-like, large-scale, end-to-end test environment featuring 100+ applications and 8 million subscriber records to facilitate the Billing system Migration test effort.  Eigen X manages the integration of external video, voice and data applications required to test migration impacts on downstream provisioning systems.