Looking at the modern data landscape, and the analytics tools businesses are leveraging to make sense of it, a number of things are clear –

  • Data volumes are exploding, with more data available than ever before
  • New and novel data sources are coming on-line every day
  • The customer data acquired and retained by a company is, and will continue to be, the focus of increased regulatory scrutiny.
  • Data has already been deemed “The new business currency” driving big moves across every sector of the market.  
  • The proliferation and commoditization of Advanced Analytics techniques and machine learning are set to further multiply the value of well-prepared data in the next 5 years.
  • Despite this fact only a fraction of companies have equipped themselves with the infrastructure required to leverage data effectively.

Therefore, any business hoping to thrive in the next decade must develop two things:

  • The technical capability to transform data into an enhanced understanding of their clients, competition and market.
  • A clear and consistent approach to acquiring data from existing and emerging sources.

As companies endeavor to develop these capabilities, it is critical they partner with someone that has deep domain knowledge of the technologies and tools used in their industry. Eigen X has specific experience understanding the Analytics associated with a variety of industry segments, including Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Distribution, Higher Education and Not-for-Profit, Technology, Media & Communications, and Real Estate. In each industry we have spent years focused on the areas that make a difference (addressing data governance, improving data quality, selecting the right tools, etc.) all while leveraging our partnerships with the leading companies in the Analytics space, including Tableau, Microsoft, Birst and Oracle to deliver the outcomes our clients desire.

Our Analytics Services

Eigen X offers a full set of Analytics services to help organizations transform data into actionable insights and achieve business outcomes:

  • Analytics Strategy / Software Selection to build an actionable and insight-driven approach to analyzing data and information, select appropriate tools and technology and deliver a phased strategy for implementatio
  • Data Agility Study to analyze current analytics and business intelligence capabilities, data management practices and assess data quality and governance
  • Diagnostics which help evaluate your current Analytics environment(s) and develop a roadmap for future state architecture, tool selection, and user adoption.
  • Insights as a Service to allow you to focus on operational decision making while we work proactively with your key departmental and business unit leaders to help uncover trends and insights of which they weren’t even aware.
  • Data Integration and Warehousing to extract and transform data from existing systems, including ERP solutions (Oracle, SAP, etc.), CRM platforms, custom applications and others.  We are familiar with all models of integration and storage including point-to-point integration, integration-hub, staging tables, data warehouse, data lake, etc.
  • Implementation and Configuration of Tableau, Birst, Microsoft and Oracle technologies with focus on availability, performance, cost and security
  • Development of reports, dashboards, visualizations and other analytical solutions to satisfy user requirements and business decision makin
  • Data Governance Strategy/Best Practices to help define the governance principles for successful adoption and maintenance of your Analytics platform and underlying data managemen
  • Data Quality and Adoption Strategy where our team delivers proven strategies and products to continually monitor and increase data quality and train and enable decision makers to use analytical capabilities