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Eigen X focuses on helping progressive organizations turn data and information into insights and action.  We help companies harness their structured and unstructured data and develop strategies to collect, store and extract information.  Through partnerships with industry-leading software providers such as Tableau, Microsoft and Birst, our solutions provide our customers with business critical visualizations and actionable dashboards and reports.  Our integration teams ensure that relevant data sources are connected and that data quality, governance and security are properly addressed.

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Analytics gains actionable insight from data and information to improve business performance.

  • Data Integration and Warehousing to extract and transform data from existing systems, including ERP solutions (Oracle, SAP, etc.), CRM platforms, custom applications and others.  We are familiar with all models of integration and storage including point-to-point integration, integration-hub, staging tables, data warehouse, data lake, etc.
  • Implementation and Configuration of Tableau, Birst, Microsoft and Oracle technologies with focus on availability, performance, cost and security
  • Development of reports, dashboards, visualizations and other analytical solutions to satisfy user requirements and business decision making
  • Data Governance Strategy/Best Practices to help define the governance principles for successful adoption and maintenance of your Analytics platform and underlying data management
  • Data Quality and Adoption Strategy where our team delivers proven strategies and products to continually monitor and increase data quality and train and enable decision makers to use analytical capabilities effectively

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The proliferation of data within organizations has many companies seeking a competitive advantage by leveraging this existing investment. To improve business performance, you need a solution that can combine multiple sources into actionable insight.

Certainly there’s exponentially more information, delivered to executives in more formats and through more devices. But the right information required to make informed business decisions has remained elusive. There’s a reason that leading research consistently identifies business intelligence (BI) as a top priority for companies – it’s a problem that rarely gets solved.  The manually generated (and often error prone) Excel spreadsheet is still a key component at many executive meetings.

We see BI projects fail for numerous reasons: too IT-centric, lack of data quality, lack of alignment with the business need, no data governance plan …but the fundamental BI challenge for organizations comes down to these key questions: What are you trying to track? How are you trying to measure it? How does that measurement align with your business strategy? What objectives are you looking to achieve?  Business intelligence is all about enabling decision makers with insightful information in a timely manner.


Tableau helps people transform data into actionable insights. Explore with limitless visual analytics. Build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Share your work with anyone and make an impact on your business. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people everywhere use Tableau to see and understand their data.






Birst is a cloud based reporting solution that empowers software providers to seamlessly embed business analytics into their applications. With rich functionality, flexible licensing and commitment to customer success, Birst places you ahead of your competition. Drive incremental revenue and differentiate your products with embedded BI from Birst.

Eigen X specializes in Birst implementations. Here is a demo of the product conducted by one of our Senior Consultants:

Birst Partner Demo – Eigen X