Fortune 100 Media / Telecom Company


Company CET BSS Billing runs Intake and Release management for two different billing vendors across three markets.  The billing vendors include Amdocs (ABP/DDPF, DDP, and CMS) and CSG.  BSS Release Management manages all billing releases and production fixes and coordinates release planning with projects such as Project Sunrise (upgrade of DDPF to ABP), the Canyon Program (executive prioritized BSS enhancement projects to be deployed through 2013) and 85 different edge systems.


Company engaged Eigen X to lead an end to end business process improvement and standardization effort for Release Management in order to meet scheduled release milestones for all billing systems in coordination with each of the three markets, Project Sunrise, the Canyon Program, and the 85 different  edge systems.  Our team was asked to establish and implement a change management process to manage all changes to productionand test environments and establish key performance indicators and dashboards for Release Management to be utilized to communicate to Comcast executives.   We were also tasked to help BSS Release Management accomplish their goals of improving communications and quality. 

Eigen X was also asked to operationalize and provide coaching on the transition from Waterfall development to Agile, utilizing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and SCRUM methodologies.


Streamlined and standardized Billing Intake and Release Management processes, making them leaner and more agile, resulting in increased productivity and quality. Eigen X established a Billing Release Change Management process and worked with the billing vendor to comply, reducing the number of production fixes due to change requests by 80%, resulting in better code quality and decreased production issues. We also implemented a communication plan that was used immediately across the billing organization, resulting in increased customer satisfaction due to standardized release communications, established escalation paths, and accurate distribution lists. Lastly, we transitioned one billing vendor from waterfall to agile development, resulting in accelerated time to market, and increased business value.