Salesforce Higher Ed for Marketing (Summer '17) - Recruitment that gives more power, prevents problems and makes life easier

If you are a Salesforce Admin , it is always painful when you have no way of detecting your customers automatically when they are interested in another product or service and fill up a web to lead form. This works good if you have a marketing automation platform like pardot which can flag the lead or contact. But if you are  using the standard web to lead form, it is always challenge to know the lead is actually your customer who was interested on your product and service?

Two Higher Ed sessions you want to attend if you are getting started with or looking to migrate to HEDA at the Higher Ed Summit 2017

If you are already using Salesforce and using Targetx package, this session would help you to learn best practices to migrate to HEDA, things to consider which would help you to prevent major problems. UTSA Grad school is co presenting with me on their story on how they planned their migration to HEDA from their current org, challenges they faced and how they overcame them. I can guarantee you would learn the following from this session.

Save time enabling state and country picklist feature

If you are a salesforce admin or developer trying to enable state and country picklists for your salesforce org, one of the challenges is to identify what the impact it would have in your org, how do we go about enabling it with and what actions can i do now to prevent problems? Having done this many times, my post below would help you make the right decision and get it done quickly.

Three Simple Tips To Cleaner Data

In an ideal world, the data in your CRM platform would be 100% accurate 100% of the time. It would mean Marketing could run campaigns and ensure the intended recipient actually receives the email or direct mail. Sales would be able to call on leads and contacts without running into wrong, invalid, or old numbers. IT/Admins wouldn’t have to look into purchasing more tools to ensure their database is clean and free of duplicate leads and contacts. Reporting and forecasting would be more accurate, time would be saved, productivity increased; the list goes on!

HEDA Architecture with Non-Profit Starter Pack

We find a lot of Colleges and Universities that have potential to utilize the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) Framework for their instance of The first question I tend to hear from our clients in the Higher Education sector seems to always be, “We already have the Non-Profit Starter Pack (NPSP) installed in our instance of, could we still install HEDA?”

3 Warning Signs for Universities using Salesforce

If you’re a university using Salesforce CRM for your enrollments and if you’re not using apps like TargetX or Enrollment RX, you might be tracking your prospective and registered students using the native Salesforce objects like contacts, accounts and leads. With my experience in implementing Salesforce for more than 25 universities, I have seen huge issues stem from this kind of customization which could impact you sooner or later.